Dear Florida Mamas,

From the Panhandle to the Keys, Florida’s mamas are the backbone of our families and communities — they are on the forefront of fighting for their family’s well-being, safety and prosperity. Thankfully, we have a pro-family leader in Florida who understands this. Governor DeSantis has spent three and a half years enacting policies in support of our families. Because of his leadership, the Sunshine State has thrived.

Unfortunately, poor policies emanating from Washington present a direct threat to the well-being of Florida’s families. Under President Biden’s “leadership” the United States is experiencing record high gas prices, baby formula shortages, unsafe communities, attacks on our educational system and mounting inflation that rivals the Carter years.

In Florida, we are blunting Biden’s assault on America and standing up for Floridians. As the father of our three little ones, Governor DeSantis understands this firsthand.

Our Governor has accomplished more in his first term than most Governors in their entire term in office:

Florida is the most pro-parent, pro-student state

  • Guaranteed the ability of parents to send their kids to school in-person
    • Governor DeSantis ensured schools remained open and students –in-person, which studies have shown have already benefited Florida students’ learning.

  • Enacted substantive protections for parents’ rights in education
    • Governor DeSantis launched the DeSantis Education Agenda to ensure parents’ rights are always protected, starting at the school board level.

  • Provided record amount of funding for K-12 schools

  • Secured the largest increase in teacher compensation in Florida history
    • Governor DeSantis invested nearly $2 billion for increasing teacher pay for public school teachers.
    • Governor DeSantis raised the minimum teacher annual pay to $48,000.

  • Promoted workforce training and civics education.
    • Governor DeSantis invested nearly $5 billion in increasing vocational education and workforce training opportunities.
    • Governor DeSantis ensured high school students must take a personal financial literacy and money management course before graduating.

  • Froze tuition at Florida’s state universities

  • Preserved Bright Future scholarships and expanded the Grandparent Waiver for in-state tuition.

Florida’s economy is thriving

  • Due to Florida being open, Florida has outpaced the nation in jobs, economic growth, new business formations, and tourism.
    • With Governor DeSantis at the helm, employers have added jobs for 24 consecutive months and Florida’s economic indicators have continued a positive trajectory and are surpassing pre-pandemic rates.

  • Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, Florida enjoys a record budget surplus.
    • Governor DeSantis has led Florida’s reserves to close out at more than $20 billion for this fiscal year.

Florida’s communities are safe and secure

  • Signed legislation prohibiting local governments from defunding law enforcement
    • Governor DeSantis signed legislation prohibiting state grants or aid to any local government that slashes the budget for law enforcement services.

  • Secured $1,000 bonuses for all police, fire, and EMT personnel.
    • Governor DeSantis authorized pay raises for state law enforcement & second straight year of $1,000 bonuses for local government first responders.

  • Enacted largest law enforcement recruitment and retention package in the nation.
    • Governor DeSantis secured up to $5,000 signing bonuses for every recruit who is new to the law enforcement profession in Florida.

We are protecting Florida’s environment for generations to come

  • Secured a record $3.3 billion to safeguard Florida’s natural resources and restore the Everglades.
    • Through the Freedom First Budget, Florida surpassed Governor DeSantis’s four-year goal of more than $3.3 billion for Everglades restoration.
  • Enacted water quality legislation and invested tens of millions of dollars for mitigation of blue-green algae and red tide.
    • Under Governor DeSantis, $40 million has been invested in addressing red tide, from detection to mitigation.

These are just a few of the important policies from my husband that have made Florida stronger than ever before.

You know this as well as I do, we are a force to be reckoned with. When outside forces threaten our family’s safety or come after our children, mamas fight back.

God bless, 

First Lady Casey DeSantis

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